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Product Overview

The controlled mobility of the mobile insert is the foundation of the Mobi-C® disc prosthesis. This second generation artificial disc was designed by a team of surgeons specializing in spinal arthroplasty.

Mobi-C has a unique, reliable and patented implantation system: the « Plug & Fit » technology.

It provides you with an ease of use and modularity unequaled in the domain of cervical arthroplasty while preserving the core philosophy of Mobi-C: the restoration of physiological biomecanics with a controlled mobility insert.


Restoration of physiological mobility: Controlled mobility

  • Encourages restoration and respect of the Instantaneous center of rotation for a return to physiological mobility of the intervertebral disc.
  • Reduces the stresses on the bone/implant interface and the posterior facet joints.

Provide control

  • The inclined shape of the lateral teeth facilitates the introduction of the device while ensuring a reliable anchorage to the dense peripheral vertebral plate.
  • The controlled mobility reduces the stresses on the bone/implant interface therefore eliminating the need for invasive vertebral anchorage and preserves vertebral endplate integrity. This enable multi-level arthroplasties and arthroplasties adjacent to segmental fusions.
  • Thin Cobalt Chrome endplates feature a roughened titanium surface and hydroxyapatite coating to encourage bony on-growth for long term stability. The biomechanics of the prosthesis, associated with the Cobalt Chrome and polyethylene articulation provide optimal wear characteristics.
  • Two lateral stops on the inferior plate help to control mobility of the insert while preventing expulsion.

Enhanced reliability

  • No-intra-operative handling of the implant, Mobi-C is delivered assembled and maintained between two clamps. This new sterile packaging guarantees minimal, but controlled handling of the implant while shortening operating time.

Secure control

  • The clamps made out of PEEK-Classix®, for one-time use, are radio-transparent in order to optimize and simplify intra-operative control of implant positioning. In addition, they ensure perfect control of the implant in rotation before releasing.

Simplified instrumentation

  • The Mobi-C « Plug & Fit » instrumentation has been designed in order to provide a single implant-holder compatible with all implant sizes. Its ergonomics renders implantation intuitive while offering the benefits of millimetrics adjustment for optimal and controlled positionning of the prosthesis.

An extended range, adapted to anatomical conditions

  • Mobi-C « Plug & Fit » is the first cervical disc prosthesis that allows depth adaptation for each implant width in order to optimize Coverage of the vertebral endplates and Prosthesis positioning.
  • The posterior chamfers simplify implantation and help diminish the risk of secondary impaction.


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