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Product Overview

The kinematics principle of the Mobidisc® prosthesis is to restore the static of the lumbar spine by restoring the physiological mobility of the targeted disc space. The
self-centering mobile insert allows to respect the instantaneous rotation centers, and also to give back to the treated intervertebral segment it’s natural physiological movement.

The operating technique and the instrumentation specifically developed for the Mobidisc® implant offer a guarantee of security, reliability, and simplicity of implantation, in order to insure the reproducibility of the surgical act for the well being and comfort of the patient.


Non constraint prosthesis with controlled mobility in all axis

  • Perfect congruence between plates and mobile insert
  • Auto centrage of the superior plate in relation to the inferior plate
  • Reduced constraints on the mobile insert

Respect of the instantaneous rotation center

  • Self-centered prosthesis (Rotation-translation principle)
  • Reduced constraints on:
    • posterior articular facet joints
    • Implant/bone interface

Simple and safe implantation

  • Self-guided prosthesis
  • Safer approach thanks to large blood vessels protection
  • No over-distraction
  • Secures intersomatic space distracting during implant introduction
  • Millimetric positionning thanks to an adjustable stop

Unique features dedicated to better performance

  • Tested materials
  • Modularity of a complete range (9 sizes, 3 lower plate lordosis)
  • Millimetric choice of the mobile insert (5 available heights)


Product Brochure

Surgical Technique