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Product Overview

ROI-A® is an ALIF cage with an innovative anchoring system avoiding the use of anterior plate or screws. It’s zero-profile design ensures that no hardware will protrude anteriorly to the vertebral bodies.

Insertion of the cage and the VerteBRIDGE® is done in the axis of the disc, for an anterior mini-open technique.


Design for patient safety

  • Innovative anchoring technology made of Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) avoiding the use of anterior plates or screws.
  • "Zero-profile" design with no hardware protruding outside the intervertebral disc space.
  • The curved self-locking anchoring plate incorporating a central self-retaining clip, secures the anchoring system and the cage inside the intersomatic space.
  • Implant-holder provides protection of vascular structures during anchoring plate placement.

A safe insertion

  • Anterior mini-open technique for insertion in the axis of the disc.
  • Tapered posterior shape to ease insertion.
  • Middle beam for strength during the placement.
  • Millimetric adjustment of the cage-holder ensures optimal positioning of the cage prior to half anchoring plate insertion.
  • Self-guided, curved anchoring plates keep the implant and bone graft in compression.
  • Implanted with just 2 instruments, 2 steps for a simple, reliable, fast and reproducible insertion.
  • Tantalum markers for verification of implant positioning per-operatively and post-operative follow-up.

Optimized stability and fusion

  • The ROI-A cage has a teethed surface and by a wide range of multiple footprints, lordosis and heights as well as three anchoring plate lenghts for an optimized fit and stability in various patient anatomy.
  • Optimized implant shape for peripheral coverag of the endplates and strong support on cortical bone.
  • The wide graft chamber, optimizes the contact between the graft and the vertebral endplates enhancing the quality of the fusion.
  • Cage en PEEK-OPTIMA®: this material has an elasticity modulus close to that of bone. The bio-compatibility and its mechanical qualities of PEEK-OPTIMA® have now been largely recognized in interbody application. The fusion can be assessed and controlled overtime due to the radio-lucency of the cage.

Comprehensive selection to match patient anatomy

  • The ROI-A wide range of footprints, lordosis and heights allows to obtain an optimized fit and stability in various patient anatomy and facilitates the multi-level or hybrid (cage/prosthesis) surgeries.


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